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Why (and why now)?

I've gone and done it. Created a blog. But why does Ben need a blog, and why now? Some thoughts:

  • For the last year and a half or so, I've been interested in photography. They always say that the best way to become a good photographer is to take more pictures ("Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst" -- Henri Cartier-Bresson). Committing to post a "photo of the week" is my attempt to motivate myself to keep shooting, even when things are busy or I'm not actively taking a photography class.
  • In about a month my dad and I will be embarking on a guitar building course at the Vermont Instruments School of Lutherie. I've been wanting to do a course like this for years, and my goal is to do periodic posts about our progress through the class.
  • Last week my colleagues and I launched a new site called ScienceOfRelationships.com, and doing those posts have been fun. This gives me the freedom to write about stuff other than relationship research.
  • I'm currently on sabbatical, so I've got the time to try new stuff.
  • It's probably good for me (e.g., Jamie Pennebaker's research on the effect of writing on psychological and physical well-being).

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