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Day 8 - I really like carving braces

Day 8: I went into the workshop early today, at 7:30am, to finish up gluing my linings to the sides that I started yesterday. In addition, I glued the bracing onto the back and carved it down, and continued to work on the bracing on the top. I'm finding I really like carving braces. I could do it all day. If this academic thing fizzles out, maybe I could do bracing for Martin, Collings, or Santa Cruz. That would be a dream job!

Our necks continued to make small steps towards getting into shape. We started to shape the heel area, as well as worked on fitting the neck “tongue” into the body. It’s always traumatic to take a band saw to your top, but we did have to cut out the area above the soundhole where the neck will meet the body and it survived. I'm really curious about how the neck will continue to to take shape.

Wrapped up for the day at 6:30pm, with an hour for lunch.

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