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Top 5 things I miss

Disclaimer: This is a list of businesses I miss, not people etc.

1) Acoustic Roots: A great guitar shop that used to be in Bryn Mawr; my favorite place to stop after work and play some boutique and vintage instruments. It's a shame that it went out of business a couple of years ago. I don't understand how the Main Line can't support a high end guitar shop.

2) Dos Coyotes: Back when I lived in Davis during the summers when I was in college, I went there all the time. Unfornutately I don't get back to California very often these days, although I did get a chance to stop there in December. Still as good as I remember.

3) Togo's: The #27 sandwich (cucumbers/avocado); at least there's a Togo's near where my parents live, so I can go there when I'm visiting them.

4) The record/CD shops in Iowa City and San Luis Obispo: College was a music buying bonanza and those stores were the best. I hope they've survived the iTunes revolution.

5) Murder Burger (a.ka., Redrum Burger): So good they're to die for.

Note: Bruegger's Bagels would have made this list, but amazingly they put one in right next to campus a few years ago and now we live about 30 seconds from there. Maybe there is a god.

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