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Cool, but I'd never use them...

I'm generally interested in the intersection of technology, academics, and productivity. Here are a couple of things that have caught my attention, but that I'd probably never use them since I'm lucky enough not to have to take a lot of notes at this point in my life. But if I were a student again, I'd probably give one of these a shot:

1. Livescribe 3 - The newest pen from Livescribe is really groovy in that it connects via bluetooth to an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone and brings in hand-written notes in real time. I've read that the app isn't quite up to snuff yet, but the general idea of it is pretty cool.

2. Evernote/Moleskine Smart Notebook - Here's the "low-tech" approach to getting your handwritten notes onto your device that doesn't require any expensive hardware (if you already have a smartphone). As an Evernote user, anything that pipes content into their awesome app is welcomed.

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I was telling my brother about a D-16(?) made of ash that I have physically seen and played and he swears they were never made. Obviously he is wrong but to me, seems difficult to find any info or pics about the guitar. I noticed you mention it in your Google tag but saw nothing on your page. Not crazy about the guitar but for rarity sakes it is curious

December 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSteve Holloway

The D-16A (ash) definitely exists, but I haven't seen another one since the mid-90s (admittedly I haven't been looking). There are some to been seen on Google Image.

December 3, 2013 | Registered CommenterBen

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