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50 days, meat-free

April 12th is the last day I ate meat, so today makes it 50 days meat-free. Of course, the definition of "meat" is a bit flexible here, with the following liberties taken:

  1. April 24th-- A burrito with shrimp in it: I ordered my usual burrito at one of the local places, forgetting that it has a handful of little shrimp in there. Do shrimp count?
  2. May 15th-- A grilled fish sandwich: We took some friends to our favorite BBQ place and I got a grilled trout sandwich. In the context of the rest of the menu (the beef brisket that I usually get there; rotisserie chicken, pulled pork), trout doesn't count as meat :-)

Number of beef burgers consumed in the last 50 days = 0; number of veggie burgers consumed in the last 50 days = 6. No steak, no bacon, no chicken.