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Digital film...I'd pay good money for this

Image from wired.comThis is an interesting idea (just to be clear, this isn't a real product; it's a concept that a designer has come up with): an insert that is shaped like a canister and film that would contain a digital sensor and memory. See the description of this concept on wired.com.

I'd totally buy something with similar functionality. What I don't like about digital SLRs is that they have a limited lifecycle as technology evolves (or at least they are marketed that way), they are overly complex, and they don't facilitate the connection with the user in the same way as older film/mechanical cameras do. As someone who fetishizes objects, I love the idea of a single camera body that the photographer can use for years/decades. It would be fantastic to be able to shoot with my FM3a, and have the ability to update the digital innards periodically rather than move from generation to generation of Nikon digital camera bodies. Just let me set the exposure manually with knobs/dials and capture high quality RAW files, and I'll be happy.