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Dear sound guy: I will scowl at you if you don't put enough volume on my guitar

Some friends and I got on stage at the Old Fiddlers' Picnic at Hibernia park last week. In all of the pictures, I'm making this face. The sound guy wasn't putting enough volume on my guitar, which I apparently wasn't happy about.

Here's the proof that he didin't have my mic turned up enough (my break starts at about 45 seconds into this clip); I'm not making it up.

Here we are with our purple "participant" ribbons.


Photo of the week - August 20, 2013

At the Old Fiddlers' Picnic, Hibernia Park, Chester County, PA. Fuji X-Pro1 with 14mm lens @ f/7.1, 1/300 seconds.


Three days of picking

Thursday - My regular weekly summer jam in Bryn Mawr (~4 hours).

Friday - A friend hosted a nice dinner + jam; met some great new players, and got to play a sweet 1981 D-28 that had amazing bass response (~5 hours).

Saturday - The 82nd Old Fiddler's Picnic @ Hibernia Park (~6 hours).

Please pardon the typos (especially on letters from the left side of the keyboard); my fingertips are numb and my back is sore.