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Launching my concert ticket archive

#1 - Michael Hedges in 1990Because I'm a compulsive hoarder of such things, I have most of the ticket stubs for concerts that I've been to in my "adult life" (i.e., those shows I chose to attend...I don't think my parents saved the one from when we saw Joan Baez when I was really little). I have been wanting to do something with them, other than just leave them in a shoe box, and our "new" scanner allowed me to get this going. I have them all scanned and over time I'll be posting them here.


"These are a few of my favorite things" #6 - Fujitsu Scansnap S1500M 

This is another odd one, considering that we ordered this scanner about 18 months and just finally hooked it up last week. But one-touch scanning to PDFs (or into Evernote) is great. It's playing a key role in a project I've been wanting to do for a while, which was just unveiled here on my website :-)

This is going to be great as I transition to a paperless existence.

Update: One of the best uses of this is to share words/chords to songs. When friends come over to play music and have a new song to share, in about 30 seconds I can have it scanned and emailed to everyone.