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Star Wars + Relationship Research + Facial Hair = Awesome.


It's the busy time of year for relationship scientists...


On blogging

I ran across this cartoon from thedoghousediaries.com and it struck a chord with me. Creating content for a blog is a lot of work; I made a snide comment about my site turning into a tumblr page the other day, and there's some truth to it given that I've been posting a lot of videos that I've run across here (half of this is for me, so I can watch them again). I have created a good deal of content on ScienceOfRelationships.com, and I try to post my photos when I can, but my hats off to those who can generate regular interesting and cohesive content for the interwebs.


Interviewed by the Chicago Tribune

My colleague Jennifer Harman and I were interviewed by the Chicago Tribune a few weeks ago. After forgetting about it for a while, I was just wondering whatever became of the interview. They just ran the story today...


Checking back in...

With the start of the new school year I've admittedly been very neglectful of posting here. I do have grand plans to build photo libraries here for all the shots that are currently hosted on Apple's soon to be discontinued platform (12/23/11 update: this is done; see here), but that seems like a project for fall break. In other news:

  • Haverford just ran a story about our website and recently published book; it was nice to get some recognition for that work.
  • I recently booked a trip to Oregon for 10 days at the holidays; looking forward to seeing everyone there. It was nice hanging out with my brother this week, who was in town for a conference.
  • Nikon just announced it's new "1" series cameras. Still processing that; maybe I'll post some thoughts about that later.
  • The summer jam season is winding down. Thanks to my friend John for hosting us every Thursday and introducing some new songs. I've particularly liked his version of "Hot Buttered Rum."