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image source: championdontstop.comWhen you think of all the things "other guys" are into, my one vice is relatively benign, isn't it? I don't have a cigarette (or cigar) habit, nor am I into beer, wine, or other types of alcohol. I don't golf, play poker, fish, or drive an expensive car (my ride is 10 years old and paid off, and gets 40mpg). I'd rather have a $5 burrito than a $30 steak; I don't wear suits or designer clothes. If you take that $3 y'all spend at Starbucks everyday, that starts to adds up to a pretty nice guitar every so often. Let's do the math for the year for the typically vices that most of you have (i.e., not including cigarettes; that would increase these numbers a lot):

  • 300 coffees (@ $3 each) = $900
  • A couple of six packs a month (@ ~$8 each, two per month) =  $200
  • A glass of wine or two per week (~1 bottle a month @ ~$20) = $240
  • A few rounds of golf a year (I have no idea how much a round costs; maybe $40?): $120
  • Haircuts at a barbershop (every other month @ $20 each): $120
  • Gym membership (@ ~$30 a month) = $360*

TOTAL = $1940

So, I'm good for about $2000 in guitars a year, right?

*Not that I go to the gym, but if I did I'd use the one at work for free.