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VW Eurovan Camper Informational Video

This video is from 2001 (a year after our van was built) and seems so dated now...

(my documents & links page has a section with Eurovan Camper files if you're looking for any EVC documentation.)


The symbol for this summer


Summer plans, revised

I've been gearing up to write about my planned trip to Beijing for six weeks this summer, where I was scheduled to teach two sections of introductory psychology. I was going to muse on a variety of (the usual) topics, including thoughts about teaching psychology to Chinese students, how I anticipated surviving there when I don't particularly like Chinese food, some ideas for travel and what sorts of touristy things I was planning on doing, and, of course, thoughts about the photography opportunities.

But...I just found out that the program I was supposed to be participating in had to cancel its Beijing program due to some new policies that have put a damper on enrollments. So I'm bummed and now have to think about other plans for the summer (and other things to write about here). 

It's my parents 40th anniversary this summer, and I've be planning on that for a while; in fact I had them move their party so that I could leave for China right afterwards. So now I'm still planning on going to their celebration, but can take more time on (and getting to) the west coast. Some ideas: 

  • A drive out there, including seeing friends in the Twin Cities (although I haven't asked them yet...yes Abs, I know you might be reading this) and Denver on the way.
  • Hitting some of the parks out that way (Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glancier, Waterton, etc); we visited some of those in 2007, but it would be nice to go again.
  • Doing a jaunt through the Olympic Penninsula and up to Victoria Island and Vancouver. And just because my favorite psychology study was run there, the Capilano suspension bridge.
  • Exploring eastern Oregon...I've never really been more than a few miles east of I-5.
  • Spending more time in Portland, including seeing my brother, nephew, and niece.

 More to come as our plans develop!


A groovy new van concept


Lego VW van - Time lapse video

I'm still working on putting my kit together, but here's a preview of what it will look like:


All packed up!

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm driving up to Post Mills, VT to start the guitar building course at the Vermont Instruments School of Lutherie. I'm looking forward to meeting my fellow classmates and to spending some quality time with my dad (I'm tempted to insert a link to "Cat's in the Cradle" here, but that's a little sappy for my tastes). Everything is packed up; just need to load the camper in the morning. What's coming:

  • Food for the first few days: I made a huge vat of marinara sauce today, a couple of boxes of Clif bars, some fruit, and a few bags of various types of nuts (since my dad likes to snack).
  • Camera gear, since (obviously) I'm planning to document as much of the building process as I can.
  • My laptop, iPad, and other various devices (although my phone won't be much good, other than the drive up, since there's supposedly no cell phone service up there).
  • Some guitar building books, including the Somogyi and Cumpiano texts.
  • A couple of guitars, for me and my dad to play until we've got new, handbuilt guitars.
  • Plus the camper is always stocked up and ready to go, in case there's anything that I've forgotten.

I'm looking forward to finishing listening to the audiobook of Keith Richard's Life on the drive tomorrow. See you in Vermont!