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My new favorite guitar store

Most of you know that I like hanging out in guitar stores, but ever since Acoustic Roots in Bryn Mawr closed three (?) years ago, I haven't found a local shop that I love. It's not particularly local to me (since it's 2,800+ miles door to door), but my new favorite guitar shop is McKenzie River Music in Eugene, Oregon. They have a fantastic selection of vintage guitars, and the folks there (Bob, Ted, Susan, and the rest of the gang) are about the friendliest people you'll find anywhere.

I look forward to stopping in whenever I'm visiting my family in Oregon. Thanks, MRM!


A shout-out to an awesome radio station

In my two drives from Corvallis to Eugene this week (see here), and also around town in Corvallis, I've been listening to KRVM, 91.9 FM out of Eugene. It's a great mix of blues, folk, rock, country, etc...I've heard everything from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Lyle Lovett to traditional Native American music. I'm excited to find that I'll be able to stream it on my computer. Along with KPIG, my other west coast favorite, I should have plenty to listen to.


A slight change of plans...

My dad's flight from Eugene was canceled today due to weather, so he didn't make it to Philadelphia tonight as planned. And for some reason, he can't get a flight until Monday night. I'm still leaving on Sunday for Vermont, and he's changed his flight to arrive up there (Albany) on Tuesday morning, so unfortunately he's going to miss the first 1.5 days of the class. I'll try to work double duty for those days so he's not too far behind :-)

By the way, the two times I've flown through Eugene I've been delayed or canceled. I think I'll probably avoid that airport for for a while.